About Quarter Rat Creatives

Quarter Rat, noun: kwar-tur raat, New Orleans. Origin unknown.

1: A person whose life and livelihood revolves around being, living, playing and working in the French Quarter of New Orleans.
2: Literal, a rat living in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Quarter Rat Creatives was born in the French Quarter as an idea 25 years ago and it sat dormant until 2017 when the original design was put out on a limited run of 25 t- shirts. The idea of starting a business that focused not only on New Orleans culture, but on the particularly gritty details of day-to-day life in the Quarter and in particular, the rough and tumble life on the far edge of the French Quarter, Lower Decatur street, affectionately know as "Lower D." The area has always had a reputation as a tough street, going back to its days as the location of a variety of bars, restaurants, flop houses by the sailors who were on and around the docks of the city as well as the women who worked in the bawdy houses of the street. The people who populated the French Quarter back then- some who continue today-  embrace the fighting, drinking and general rowdiness that has come to represent this sliver of anarchy in New Orleans. We wanted the designs at Quarter Rat Creatives to reflect, respect, and honor that legacy.